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Our service

Besides our existing molded products:

1.Custom design machine according to customers require.

2.Project plan assist customers to get government or bank approvation, 24 hours global after-service.


3.Raw material purchasing suggest, factory arrangement layout, project investment return plan, finished goods cost accounting etc.


Our Product

Mainly in machine of disposable glove dipping machine, household and industrial glove dipping machine, glove half-full dipping machine, cotton lining glove dipping machine, PVC cloth dotting and coating machine, latex condom dipping machine, latex balloon dipping machine, balloon printing machine, PVC glove dotting and printing machine, automatic golve knitting machine, ethylene oxide sterilizer, EVA machine, melamine machine and packing machine etc.


Product Application

Kinds of gloves, balloon, condom, melamine tableware and EVA sheet.


Disposable nitrile gloves are a kind of chemical synthetic materials, by acrylonitrile and butadiene after special process treatment and formula improvement, air permeability and comfort has been close to latex gloves, and will not produce any skin allergies.


Our machine adopts multistage PID intelligent temperature control system, the temperature error is not more than +/- 5 ,
heated evenly luster.

The utility model discloses a flannel nitrile glove dipping equipment, which comprises a first oven. A third oven is arranged below the first oven near the middle part of the first oven, and a second oven is arranged below the first oven near its end. Two ovens, the first oven, the second oven and the third oven are provided with chains, and the chains are connected with hand molds for the glove blank.

Nitrile Liquid:
If Customers won't we can offer Production Servers and Nitrile Liquid for each 1 Gloves Productions Lines with 150 Tons per months and delivery in timelines.


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